Physical Therapy

After suffering an injury, it's never easy to fully recover without professional support. In fact, not having support by your side can make the recovery process much more difficult. If you've recently suffered a personal injury, work injury, or sports injury, physical therapy can help you regain your strength and improve the recovery process.


At Webb Chiropractic Wellness Center, we're here to provide physical therapy for patients in and around Anchorage, AK. Whether you need help for a minor injury or require months of intensive physical therapy, Webb Chiropractic Wellness Center is here to help.

What Is Physical Therapy?

When our bodies are injured, everyone requires different recovery options. For instance, if you suffer from a broken bone or a rolled ankle, your muscles will try to heal so that it resembles and functions the way they did before an injury. Unfortunately, with severe injuries, this isn't always the case. These can be overuse or acute injuries that occur out of nowhere. That's why it's important to see a chiropractor for a professional assessment and treatment. 

Some of the many benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Reduces risk of conditions such as frozen shoulder
  • Additional emotional and physical support for people recovering from injuries
  • Greater chance of regaining muscle strength
  • Greater chance of regaining full mobility of a muscle
  • Use of 100% natural pain relief and recovery treatment methods

How Does Physical Therapy Work?

During physical therapy, our chiropractor will work with you to ensure you're able to complete the exercises without too much pain. Our chiropractor will work with you to achieve a good comfort level and improve your chances of a successful recovery. We can use various treatment methods, including:

  • Massage therapy to reduce inflammation and tension
  • Muscle stretches to improve mobility
  • Muscle exercises to help strengthen that group of muscles again
  • Nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to improve the recovery process outside of physical therapy sessions

Visit Webb Chiropractic Wellness Center for Natural Pain Relief in Anchorage, AK

At Webb Chiropractic Wellness Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients the attention and care they need to get back to living healthy and pain-free lives. Whether you need help improving muscle strength or recovering after an injury, our chiropractor is ready to help. Contact our Anchorage clinic today to schedule your first consultation or to learn more about how physical therapy can benefit you.

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